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When it comes to car computers... we have all heard of terms like in-car computer and carputer. So what is it that makes Drivesoft unique?

Drivesoft has accomplished the goal for developing a product that is more than just a home PC or laptop interface to multimedia. Drivesoft is proud to introduce the source unit that will forever change mobile electronics. The Drivesoft System was developed with three important goals in mind. The first was to develop user interfaces that are consistent and easy to use. The second was to develop hardware components that are vehicle compatible and installer friendly. The third was to develop a product that is more than just a great looking interface to multimedia and third party software packages. The accomplishment of these three goals has exceeded our expectations.

The Drivesoft System is accessible from any of the available Touch Screen LCD Monitors and allows the user to easily access the available multimedia players, components and features. In addition to the Touch Screen LCD Monitors, the user can also control the Drivesoft System with an IR Remote Controller, Voice Commands and an Ergonomic Push Button Rotary Knob.

The basic hardware components include vehicle and installer friendly features. Some of these features are constant & switched power inputs, an efficiently regulated 12VDC power supply, remote wire outputs for amplifiers, hardware wire & cabling with standard vehicle/audio industry style plugs, and a hardware case for the main CPU, which is attractive enough to display yet small enough to look like an OEM product.

The Drivesoft Vehicle Friendly Software (VFS) has many unique features. Some of the following are a few key features for a system that is more than just a great looking interface. VFS was specifically developed to deliver multimedia and component features unlike any other software available on the market today. Drivesoft does not use third party user interfaces (UI), the Drivesoft System Multimedia Players and Components were each developed specifically for the Drivesoft System, which allows us to keep the consistent look, feel and quality.

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