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«The idea of Drivesoft was thought of by the owner of Car Stereo of New Orleans.»

«Drivesoft products were being sold to select customers of Car Stereo of New Orleans.»

«Drivesoft continued selling in-car computers to more of their past audio store customers.»

2000 (The Y2K Year)
«Drivesoft was continued to be worked on though 2000 while operating Xtreme PC.»

«Drivesoft finished the development for Drivesoft Vehicle Friendly Software (VFS) to compliment its already proven 12vdc ignition controlled in-car computing hardware.»

«Drivesoft released the Drivesoft System with Driver Friendly Software (DFS), the second generation of its in-car computer system.»

«The Drivesoft System with Driver Friendly Software (DFS) was featured in 10 demonstration show vehicles.»

«Drivesoft Incorporated was getting serious recognition and respect in the car audio industry.»

«Showed 15 cars at the CES show in Las Vegas and was also located in the DEI booth with West Coast Customs.»

«Drivesoft did miss the 2005 SEMA show in November but did manage to make it to the 2006 CES Show in January.»

«Drivesoft arrived CES with a bang. We had 15 cars at the 2007 CES show which displayed our new indash Carpc.»

Drivesoft will be installing their new double din in-dash carpc on MTV's «Pimp My Ride» at the new custom shop called GAS (Galpin Auto Sport).
This episode will air sometime in the middle of 2007.

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