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Drivesoft continued selling in-car computers to more of their past audio store customers. It was at this time that it became apparent to Drivesoft that the future market would not only be for expensive show cars, But could be for anyone who was wanted a high-end car audio multimedia audio/video system.

Near the end of 1999 ADST, one of the largest companies in car audio, which owned Orion, PPI and ADS approached the owner Drivesoft through a mutual friend and employee at ADST, Enrique Stiles (now one of the owners of STEP Technology known for creating state of the art speaker designs), with an opportunity to develop and market an In-Car PC for ADST. The proposition was good and the owner of Drivesoft closed his car audio stores, put Drivesoft to the side and took the challenge. With a new branch at the ADST Corporate Building in Tempe, AZ, the development of a product called Digital Video Audio System (DVAS) began. DVAS, only 40% complete, was featured at 2000 CES in Las Vegas at the ADST booth next to premiere car audio products like Orion, PPI and ADS. The show was a success; almost every ADS dealer was ready to jump on board. About two months later DVAS was put on hold due to some bad ADST upper management decisions. ADST was not able to fulfill their contractual and payment owed obligations, so the owner of Drivesoft accepted his losses, closed the chapter on DVAS and decided to dedicate his time and efforts towards further developments of the original Drivesoft products.

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