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The Drivesoft System with Driver Friendly Software (DFS) was featured in 10 demonstration show vehicles at the 2003 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The first Drivesoft Systems with Driver Friendly Software (DFS) became available to the retail market. West Coast Customs (WCC) (Inglewood, CA) and Prestige Customs Auto Sound (New Orleans, LA) were among the first audio shops that were available to provide customers with Drivesoft Systems.

Drivesoft Incorporated CEO, Jack a car audio installer of 14 years at this time, meets with Mike Martin (Mad Mike) at West Coast Customs (WCC) to demonstrate the Drivesoft System with DFS and discuss the possibilities of future business. Mad Mike was impressed and decided to replace a Pioneer audio video system, which was already installed, with the Drivesoft System in a Hummer H2 for Rapper 50 "cents" just days before its scheduled appearance at the 2003 SEMA Show. Mike and Jack work overnight to install the Drivesoft System in time for the weekend events. The H2 was also featured on January 20, 2004 on the TLC Show RIDES.

So impressed with the Drivesoft System and its ease of installation, Mike and West Coast Customs have been installing the Drivesoft System in practically every vehicle they have built since that time, which has made WCC the premiere Drivesoft Authorized Dealer in the USA.
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