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What is Drivesoft?

The Drivesoft SystemTM is a multi-purpose audio/video system with Vehicle Friendly SoftwareTM (VFS) that is controlled by a touch screen monitor, software voice recognition and an IR wireless remote. The Drivesoft SystemTM was specifically designed with the features and the sound quality expected from home theater components. The unit will operate in two-channel stereo, 4.1 and 5.1. The Drivesoft SystemTM offers 5.1 with six discrete channels (Front LR, Rear LR, Center and Sub) that are perfect for the advancing requirements of digital multimedia. Included is a compact external CD/DVD drive unit that is user friendly and offers countless installation capabilities. With technology progressing at such an expedient rate, the Drivesoft SystemTM was also engineered to be compatible with future breakthroughs in digital multimedia.

The Drivesoft SystemTM offers a broad range of standard features that can be easily and quickly accessed. With the choice of a live sports broadcast, an action/adventure DVD for the kids or some of your favorite music, driving will be fun again whether it is to the corner store or across the country. Load/Store all of your favorite music using the external CD/DVD drive unit, the CD ripper and the MP3 decoder, which has a storage capacity in excess of ten thousand songs. Satellite radio stations, local radio stations and local television stations are readily available with the Drivesoft SystemTM FM/TV and XM Receivers. The unit will also be compatible for use with KVH TracVision Mobile Satellite TV System for Direct TV. What multimedia source unit would be complete without a Global Positioning System (GPS), Wireless capabilities and Internet capabilities? The Navigation System includes the latest electronic mapping giving you total control of your destination. To access the Internet and the countless wireless options, the Drivesoft SystemTM offers a Cellular Port and Data Port. The unique Data Port will allow you to network to any number of remote servers to share and access the available files and multimedia.

The Drivesoft SystemTM will also offer a broad range of customized features to meet the needs of specialty options. The Drivesoft SystemTM will be able to offer specialty options for add on features such as Radar Detectors, Mobile Alarm Systems, Car Camera Systems, Sound Competition Systems, Auxiliary Controllers and much more.

The Drivesoft SystemTM is your complete mobile office solution, which utilizes the Microsoft XP OS that will keep you connected with conveniences such as fax, email and Internet while on the road. The Drivesoft SystemTM features can be customized to meet practically any need of a growing business. The availability and use of business software can make the difference to a company�s edge in this demanding and fast paced business world. And as a result, Drivesoft can help develop or integrate software packages that are customized for your business in the easy of use structure of the Drivesoft SystemTM.
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