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VFS (Vehicle Friendly Software) Products

DFS (Driver Friendly Software)

Drivesoft DFS was design with the driver's safety in mind. This software would be the only software you would want in your daily driver vehicle to play back your media and guide you though unfamiliar territories.

DFSL (Driver Friendly Software Lite)
Drivesoft DFSL is a lite version of our popular DFS interface. This software was developed for the "Do It Your Self". You can build you own person WinXP based PC and install our DFSL software to bring your project to life.
Note: DFSL will not be released again until 2008.

LIMS (Limo Infotainment Management Software)
Drivesoft LIMS is designed for the LIMO industry. It incorporates a few different features such as the ability to take snap shots of your entire night out on the town. It also will allow the LIMO Driver to assist the clients in media playing so you can focus on your party and not learning a new audio system. Auto Juke box mode it also added so you do not need to keep playing with the radio instead of enjoying your LIMO ride.
Corporate clients will also be happy we you can offer then internet and email ability while traveling to the airport or business meetings etc.

RVIS (Recreational Vehicle Infotainment Software)
Drivesoft RVIS has all the DFS feature but add the ability for manufacture to have custom built interface screen for managing the RV electrical and warning systems.

LEDS (Law Enforcement Driving Software)
Our Drivesoft LEDS is design for officers to access the feature they need in the patrol car without need to struggle with small buttons and a mouse. This software brings the entire in car computing experience for police officers to a new level. NO More laptop with small icons and LCD screen that you can't see. High bright industrial LCDs and custom interface will make your time more productive.

YIMS (Yacht Infotainment Management Software)
Drivesoft YIMS is designed for the boating industry. Like the DFS software it has all the possible features you could want for infotainment. However, you can change the navigation software to nautical navigation software for plotting charts and routes etc.

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